TLW Company offers a wide range of services, from simple A-to-B transport to warehousing and inventory management to intermediation in/facilitation of complex transactions between buyers and sellers:


  • Intermediation in long- and short-haul transport contract negotiations and fulfillment
  • Road, air and sea customs clearance, brokering and expedition services across Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Balkans
  • Supply chain management, from warehousing and distribution to IT consulting
  • Fleet management services, from telematics (tracking and diagnostics) to cost analysis to safety and “duty of care” compliance
  • Express, global parcel delivery services
  • Relocation services (from disassembly and packing to delivery and reassembly)
  • Market research and new venture development support (especially to companies that are heavily dependant on the T&L components of their businesses)
  • Regional and global commodity market analysis (especially base metals, petroleum products, and food/agricultural)
  • Business process and transaction design support across the B2B spectrum ?