Value Added Services

Value Added services are aligned in three main components:

1.    Know how, knowledge share and transfer,

2.    Continuous support and guarantee and

3.    Cost and time control




1)    Wide and expanded network where we enact enable us to share right on time and place accurate and valuable information and knowledge re legal, economical and technical fields. Strong and continuous communication link with broad Governmental and Nongovernmental Associations, Agencies and Companies permits us to initiate and complete our value chain of service with high level of satisfaction to all stake holders in the process. Sharing knowledge at any cost is our mentality to enhance, build up and facilitate professional and social relation.  Local contacts with advanced know-how regarding laws and regulations is our supplementary value.

2)    The importance of customer service and support in the transport sector cannot be overstated.   When we consider taking on a new client, we do so only when we feel that we can guarantee to the client that we have the skills and resources needed to get the job done properly.  The goal is to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable service that will not only meet a given customer’s requirements, but exceed expectations. We are available 24×7 to respond to our clients’ needs.  Errors or omissions that come to our attention during the course of delivery of our service will be addressed immediately and fixed. Our agents are furthermore encouraged to propose and make themselves available to collaborate with clients on projects that they believe will lead to cost savings and other efficiencies for the client.

3)    Combining know how, information, tools, equipments and network allows us to execute spot and yearly contractual transport project by controlling time and cost in required level from our customers. Effective research on client needs, maintained capacity and mobility enforce our performance toward saving cost and time for our clients.  For all consignment type of goods such raw materials, goods in process, or finished goods is important point to evaluate cost benefit and potential risk during the freight operation. Our concern is to achieve efficient service in supplier and consumer side which will impact in organization and management of the supply chain of transport and logistics services by controlling costs and transit time.